Vital Tips:

Easy Tricks On How To Start A Research Paper Body Paragraph

In the body paragraph of the paper, you must explain, describe and argue in details about the topic you have chosen. Every main idea you wrote down in the outline or diagram becomes one of the paragraphs in the body. Thus, if you have five or six main ideas, likewise, you will have five or six main ideas.

  • The structure
    Being the research paper opening paragraph, each single body paragraph has same basic structure.
    1. Begin by writing one of the main ideas in form of sentence.
    2. Next, write each of the supporting points for the main idea, but you may leave about four or five lines between each of these points.
    3. Under each point there will be space, where you can write down some brief elaboration about that point. The elaboration can be further discussion, explanation or description.
  • Example of supporting point
    Commuters are in appreciation that public transportation saves costs when compared to driving to work.
  • Example of elaboration
    Using public transport systems means an individual spends less time driving or use own car, and this means less expenses of maintenance, such as for example oil changes. Less driving time also means savings on fuel such as gasoline.
    If you so wish, you may include some summary sentence on each of the paragraphs. Generally, this is not needed as such sentences in most cases tend to sound somehow stilted so you need to be extra cautious when using them.
    When you fell that you have adequately fleshed out each of the body paragraphs, and you have one for each of the main points, then you can continue.
  • Other important tips
    As you search for example of research paper body paragraph you may have come across the assertion that the body is one of, or the toughest parts in any academic writing. This may be partially true, as it is the part which contains all the argumentation, reasoning and the research, which you now have to present. All you need to know is the body of each academic paper should be logically sound, well-structured and coherent.

The first step in writing the body is laying foundation, by having good structure as described above.

The second step is developing an outline. You developing outline by putting down in writing some broad thoughts on the subject matter. Ask yourself, what do I have to say about this subject matter? What are the relevant data or quotes which you have found, and feel that they are of great importance and mulct be included in the paper? Ensure that the paragraphs and arguments are structured accordingly. Keep in mind that each paragraph should ideally revolve around some main central idea.