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Guidelines on composing a methodology of a research paper

The methodology section is a core part of any paper as it fulfills a basic principle that underlies the scientific method which forms the basis of study and findings. A scientific paper should be based on methodology that can be verified by other researchers. In other words, by replicating the methodology, the other scholars should be able to get the same results.

By replicating the experiment, other researchers should also arrive at the same findings and conclusion. This way, the methodology and the findings can be considered valid. The methodology in a research paper is thus a very important component in any writing as guarantees the validity of the results. It is thus very important to give a true and accurate description of all the techniques and equipment you used in gathering data. If you are too busy to do the whole research, go online and pay to write my research paper. A writing expert will do the work for you, while you'll be able to spend more time with family and friends. You should also provide a clear explanation as to how you compiled and analyzed the raw data.

Write it such that it allows verification

In the academic world, every principle or theory must be based on facts. Assumptions are not allowed as they may lead to absurd results. As the other scholars and researchers will not take your word as the gospel truth, you should keep in mind that your methodology will be is subjected to verification tests.

It is only after your methodology research paper is found to be sound, that conclusions can be drawn therefrom. For this to be achieved, it is very important to write the methodology in a way that lets readers understand how the data was obtained, as this will make it easy and possible for them to evaluate the quality and reliability of the results.

For instance, assuming you want to obtain data about the shopping preferences, you may issue multiple-choice questionnaires to the various respondents and you will get different results from their responses. If you conduct the study through open interviews, you will get different results. Thus, the methodology of questionnaires gives different results from the methodology of open interviews. By writing about the methodology used, readers will first ascertain whether the methodology was the best at the first instance, and secondly, whether the findings were regular.

The steps

  • Describe the equipment and materials used in the study.
  • Explain how you gathered the samples, any techniques of randomization, and also explain how you prepared the samples.
  • Explain the measurements you made and if there are any calculations you performed on the raw data.
  • Describe any statistical techniques you used on the data.