Vital Tips:

Helpful instructions on how to submit research paper in journal

When you are ready to submit the paper, you may wonder where to begin especially if you are doing it for the first time. It is important to note that the submission guidelines vary, so you need to be conversant with the table guidelines, figure guidelines, the policies on editorial and publishing, and the submission guidelines. Your paper must comply with these requirements before it is accepted for submission. The manuscript should also formatted as per the requirements and guidelines of the journal site you want to submit to.

  • Instructions on submission:
    The following are the general steps for research paper journal submission. Note that you are required to submit the paper only once. When revising the revised manuscript, you should go through the revision guidelines. If you need further details, the staff will be ready to answer your questions. Manuscripts should be prepared in the acceptable format and in word document. The online editors will check to determine if the manuscript fits the scope and aim of the journal. The manuscript must be original. It should be run through online plagiarism checker to determine if it is original.
  • Originality:
    Originality is very important in any academic paper and for this reason, if the paper does not pass the originality rest it will be rejected out rightly. In some case, you may be allowed to edit and resubmit the manuscript. Others will not allow you to correct mistakes especially if they relate to plagiarism. To avoid this mishap, you should check the paper to ensure it is 100% original. The manuscript will then be submitted for peer review in order to test the factuality and reliability of the paper.
  • The possibilities after submission:
    After submission of the paper, there are three possibilities.
    • Accepted. This is the result to accept if the paper is top notch. If you want to ensure your paper is accepted, ensure that the paper meets all the submission requirements.
    • Accepted with revisions. This is in situations where the paper needs just some few revisions.
    • Rejected. This applies in situations where the research paper journal article does not meet the quality test.

After it has been accepted, the manuscript will be processed so it can be formatted, edited, and proof read. The final document is then sent to authors for purposes of verification. At the tail end, the paper should be published online so other researchers can access it.

The above are just the general guidelines on what happens so a paper can be accepted for submission online. What you find out here will just help you get general overview but you need to visit the individual journal sites and take note of the exact steps and process of submitting your paper online.